Game Dev Cycle – Design & Planning Phase

In this phase of The Game Dev Cycle, we will be exploring designing and planning as part of our game development routine.

Learning through collaborative exploration; We will affirm our own knowledge and expertise by setting up processes, exploring tools, researching best practices, what works and what doesn't in order to better focus our own application of design and planning; an integral part of successful game development.

It's about quashing bad habits and replacing them with better ones, healthier, more productive.

It's about retraining our brains to make better use of our time. Turning endless hours into fewer quality hours, because we chose to prototype. design. plan and then start development.

Design and planning are two key areas game developers often struggle with or simply don't realise the importance of. Perhaps you've meant well, or time is the deciding factor. Design and planning done right will serve alot of purposes, most notably to reduce the overall time to eventually developing and releasing your idea.

How many times have you started a game project only to come up against the same brick walls?

How many times have you thought your game project was progressing well, when you draw a blank. Then, nowhere to go, you eventually lose interest until your next great game idea comes along?

It also helps you;

  • know where to start
  • know where you want to end up
  • highlights potential strengths and weaknesses
  • maintain focus
  • scope your projects
  • have a strong outline of what is required
  • prioritise your time and establish routine/s

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