Adliberum – PostApocaScifi RTS

What if you had the chance to rewrite history? Would you take it?

Introducing our upcoming rts post apocalyptic / scifi interactive fiction game set in the world of Adliberum and centered around time travel. Showcasing our exclusive all-new "console style" renderer; built into ADLENGINE.

Adliberum: The E.D.E.N. Project...

"This is DeLeon, for maybe the last time; I can hear them beyond the door. C.E.R.A's finest.

The only thing I've left is time, well, that and the steel door between me and them. Should buy me some.

If you're listening, our world once thrived, it was a spectacle, now it's just ravaged by dust and ash. A strung out game of survival and we're all in the firing line. If the radiation doesn't kill you, the boots on your feet will. It's no longer about what you know, it's about what you have. And what you have, unfortunately other people want.

Two words, Ad Liberum; It means "For Freedom". Freedom from ourselves and what we, and our world, has become. That's why the E.D.E.N Project is important, and why it must succeed. I have to ensure that.

The problem is, not everyone wants the same as us. More to the point, C.E.R.A doesn't. They have their own agenda and humanity ain't part of it. Nor Earth.

This is DeLeon signing out, about to hit the switch. If this works, C.E.R.A won't see me for dust.

...catch you on the flip side ...whoever you are.

~ DeLeon

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commands: find, read, read messages, locate. goto year



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